Our Story


The Branches began as a church plant from Tea Tree Gully Uniting with a team

led by Ian Clarkson and commissioned in February 1992.


Its vision and vitality was inspired by a 12 month study of Acts.


Initially without any formal association with the UCA, later that year, membership of

Presbytery was granted to the Branches as a model of  a “new model congregation”

within the UCA.


“Branches” denotes congregational outgrowth; a fresh twig of church, as distinct from

a break away.

Its primary vision was to be a church in simplicity; what was often referred to as a

haven of love and a beacon of truth”.  Its  life and structure was to be functional

and organic.  Its mission occurs primarily in the daily lives of members through their relationships and responsibilities.

The most common adjective heard by attendees in the early days to describe the Branches

was “real”. The so-called “distinctive” give an idea of the development of the congregation’s

identity, purpose and mission.


Branches has never owned corporate property but has met in rented buildings,

with smaller meetings in members’ residences. In the 22 years of its existence,

setting up for Sunday service has never been a burden, but an experience of fellowship.


While many ideas would describe its vision, Christomorphia has emerged and stayed.

Expressing the truth of Galatians 4:19, it refers to the purpose of Christ to form His life

and character in the lives of His people, the body of Christ.


Branches is also linked with a fellowship at Mt Barker.
It is also connected through the ministry of the Word with churches

across South Australia through Hope Mission Network and ACC congregations.


The purpose of the Branches is to be exactly what the Lord wants it to be: in its

lifestyle, service and character. Governance is simple, accessible and workable.

A quarterly congregational meeting is held which ensures accountability and


An Oversight functions with its members comprised of those who desire to help

with the care, protection and strengthening of the church.


Mission results in the lives of members in the walk of their daily lives – the church scattered -

who are nourished and strengthened by regularly meeting together.

 Check out our Six days ministries.


Reaching out into regional South Australia is a heart response to strengthening the churches through the Joshua Project, as is the establishment of The Hub, referred to as LC2H (Leslie Crescent Community Hub) reaching into the local community of Tea Tree Gully from Leslie Crescent.