Bible Seminars


It is only by studying the Bible that we can get to know more about the character
of our Lord Jesus Christ; the promises He has made,
His expectations, and the pitfalls to avoid.


These Bible Seminars have been provided to enable us to sink our spiritual teeth into the
teaching of the Word and to grow spiritually to be the People of God that He calls us to become.


Feel free to use them for the glory of the Kingdom.




Chapter 1



Tabernacle of David


Presentation about the Tabernacle of David - Warren



Promises of God

Promises of God to His People


1.     Significance of Prophecy; Week 1 notes

2.     Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream illustration 1;
Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream illustration 2;
Babylon Timeline

3.     Daniel Chapter 3 notes

4.     Daniel Chapter 4-5 notes

5.     Daniel Chapter 5 notes

6.     Babylon Overthrown by the Majesty of God

7.     Daniel Chapter 7 notes

8.     Daniel Chapter 8 notes

9.     Daniel Chapter 9 notes

10.Daniel Chapter 10 – A Glimpse of The Dark Side

Kingdoms in Conflict – series 3

No 1  Christian Assertion

No 2  Civil Disobedience

No 3  The Battle Is The Lord’s

No 4  The Shepherd’s Voice

No 5  Obeying God Before Man

Kingdoms in Conflict – series2

No. 1  Sound Mind        see also notes by T M Moore

No. 2  Practising A sound mind
Key Scripture  2 Corinthians 10.2-6


No 5. Sound Mind – Divinely inspired scriptures on the Glory of Creation

Kingdoms in Conflict – series1

Topic 1: Self Control and the discipline of the body and mind
Discipline of the body by TMMoore

Topic 4: Kingdom Tactics

Topic 5:Fasting for Feasting

The Kingdom of God- series

Topic 1: Between Resurrection and Cosmic Coronation


Topic 2: Theocracy and Anthrocracy

Topic 3: Seeking first God’s Kingdom and righteousness


Topic 4: How does the Kingdom of Christ show up today?


Topic 5:The Kingdom of God and the Holy Spirit: Powers, Wonders and Signs


Topic 6: Seeking entering and inheriting the Kingdom of Christ


Topic 8: The Inheritance of the Kingdom


Summary: Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God