Jesus Christ our Lord

·     We need salvation. Jesus the Christ is our Saviour.

·     We need life, peace with God, intelligence for decisions, love for relationships, hope for the future, help in every need and problem, purpose that lifts our souls, hope that is as wonderful as His promises, meaning that thrills our being, noble tasks and a lifestyle that overflows with joy and satisfaction. All of this we are finding through our Lord Jesus.

·     He has anchored our souls, brought us home, introduced us to His people, conquered our fears, dispelled our nightmares and strengthened and enhanced us in every worthwhile thing.

·     Our longings are too keen for this world alone to satisfy. The dark and shameful stuff inside us is justly dealt with and gone – instead we have His presence and His powerful kingdom.

·     We have Christ, therefore we have life.

·     We delight to talk about and share these things. We believe this is the reason the days are given to us.

·     We are moving to a great and glorious goal all nations will see when our Lord returns at the Father’s appointed time.

So we proclaim Jesus the Christ, the “Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace”.