Objective and Mission

The main objective of The Branches is to promote Jesus Christ, his life and influence.

Within that objective emerged the idea of Christomorphia, expressing the truth of Galatians 4:19. Christomorphia refers to the purpose of Christ to form His life and character in the lives of His people, the body of Christ.

Our mission and ministry occurs primarily in the daily lives of members through their relationships and responsibilities, nourished and strengthened by regularly meeting together.

We engage in contemporary social issues in the light of revealed Scriptural truth and historic foundations, often working with others of like mind.

Statement of Faith

The Branches does not have its own Statement of Faith. We instead refer to the following:

·         Our characteristics

·         HopeNet SA Core Beliefs


We endeavour to be a church of simplicity in life and organisation; what has been referred to as a “haven of love and a beacon of truth”.

We do not have an appointed pastor or minister; leadership is provided by an elected eldership.

We do not own any real estate, meeting instead in members’ residences.


The Branches began as a church plant from Tea Tree Gully Uniting Church with a team led by Rev. Ian Clarkson and commissioned in February 1992.


The Branches is:

·         A member congregation of the Generate Presbytery of the Uniting Church in South Australia**

·         A member of HopeNet SA.


** On 14 May 2019 at a General Meeting of The Branches Community Church a motion was unanimously passed “That The Branches ceases to recognize the authority of the UCA National Assembly with respect to doctrine and belief”.