The Jesus Files



The Jesus Files are a quite unique teaching concept developed from an idea seen in another fellowship.


It is an unique teaching moment for young (and young at heart) people where they can get the feel of the New Testament stories and messages in the context of the actual time, with "visitors" from that period of time presenting what they experienced, whether it be what they saw, what they felt, or what they were told by a contemporary.

Perez has been the "anchor" for them all. The Jesus Files has seen many and varied visitors which include Stavros (a fruiter friend of Perez’ who dropped by to explain some parables of Jesus, as well as Jacob (the ladder maker) and Jimopolous (Oppy to his friends).  Shamuel (a fiery interaction occurred with this Pharisee after Christ's statement of His deity and mission), a couple of ladies (who never stop talking!), Deborah, (Zebedee's wife (officially Salome, but known to her friends as Deborah); the mother of James and John, who Jesus called "The Sons of Thunder"), and an aged and retired Centurion (who oversaw Jesus' crucifixion) who brought his batman ‘Mr Fox’. The visitors have also included one called the ‘Old Man’ who is a witness or thinker about the events from the Old Testament, and more recently, we met a sister of one of the Disciples. The cast is being continually developed and added to.

These are portrayed in a way that makes them enjoyable to larger, older people too.