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Election 2016 info



Family Voice:-
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Family First: 
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Australian Christian Values

Australian Christian Lobby
Information we hope will help you cast an informed vote


Australian Christian Lobby:

Voice for Values. ACL is a grass roots lobby group which aims to see Christian principles and ethics accepted and influencing the way we are governed, do business and relate to each other as a community. In short, ACL seeks to foster a more just, compassionate and moral society.

Australian Christian Values:

We have been serving the Australian community since 1999. Our Christian Values Checklists, William Wilberforce Christian Values Awards and various submissions to parliament have made a worthy contribution to the protection and promotion of Christian values in our nation.

Bible Study Fellowship:

Bible Study Fellowship International provides lay participants the tools, the environment, the relationships, and the support needed to grow deeper in knowledge and understanding of God and the Bible.

Biblical Worldview:

Everyone has a worldview, a way of making sense of the world and our lives in it.

Chat Ministries

This domain is associated with the running of several Christianity-based chat-rooms

Christian Options Program:

Christian Option Programs are designed to help students of primary age to understand the basic teachings of Jesus. This is done in a way that is appropriate for students attending government schools.

The Chuck Colson Centre for Christian Worldview:

Our mission is to seek the transformation of believers as they apply biblical thinking to all of life, enabling them to transform their communities through the grace and truth of Jesus Christ. BreakPoint provides a Christian perspective on today’s news and trends via radio, interactive media, and print.

Church Mission Society:

The Church Missionary Society-Australia (CMS) is a missionary sending agency, working in partnership with local churches both here in Australia and all over the world. We currently have 192 missionaries serving in over 35 countries. CMS is an evangelical, voluntary, lay, church society committed to proclaiming life through Christ.

Creation Ministries International

*Our Motto: Proclaiming the truth and authority of the Bible
*Our Vision: To see the Lord Jesus Christ honoured as Creator and Saviour of the world
*Our Mission: To support the effective proclamation of the Gospel by providing credible answers that affirm the reliability of the Bible, in particular its Genesis history

Koinonia House

“Bringing the world into focus through the lens of Scripture”.
This is the ministry of Dr. Chuck and Nancy Missler.

Life FM:

Christian community radio.

Prison Fellowships:

Supports thousands of inmates and their families

Persecuted Church

List of organisations the Branches support in their work with/ for the Persecuted Church overseas.

ProLife: 40 Days for Life

40 Days for Life is a community-based campaign that takes a determined, peaceful approach to showing local communities the consequences of abortion in their own neighborhoods, for their own friends and families. It puts into action a desire to cooperate with God in the carrying out of His plan for the end of abortion.

Salt Shakers:

 Christian Ethics in Action.

School Ministries:

Ministryblue aims at getting free, cheap or innovative resources for Churches.

Teen Challenge:

Christian, non-profit, community organisation whose primary aim is to assist young people with life-controlling problems.

Vision Radio:

UCB is passionately committed to building communities of mature Christians through engaging media and resources. United Christian Broadcasters Australia Ltd (UCB) is a non-denominational Christian ministry. Announcing the commencement of a high-powered transmission service on 1611AM.

Uniting Church of Australia


Assembly of Confessing Congregations

Confessing the Lord Jesus Christ,
proclaiming the truth,
renewing the church.

Hope Mission Network

The Hope Mission Network is a network of evangelical congregations within the Uniting Church of Australia