Bible Seminars

o   Wednesday night
Bible Seminar is an important part of the nourishment for the Body of Christ, just as food and drink are for individual bodies. This group delves seriously into how to share the gospel of Christ and what the Future holds, as told in the Word of God. Open to all from fellowships around the state.

o   Studies In The Word
Programs regularly instigated, designed to keep the fellowship focussed on the Word.

Blokes Brekkies

A solid breakfast in a creek-side setting, at which the theme is mutual encouragement in Christ, learning and support as men of God. Guest speakers share and encourage. Quarterly.

Blokes Coffee Morning

Some of our men get together for regular Saturday coffee mornings where they meet and share insights about walking daily with Christ. Weekly.

Prayer for the Fellowship

Every Thursday morning folk gather to pray together for the individual and collective needs and situations of the members of the fellowship. Weekly.

Prayer for Persecuted Church

On the first Sunday of each month, we meet before the worship service to pray with the church that is persecuted worldwide.


Quarterly study series

Latest series over 4 weeks June 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd


Relationships ...Good and Strong.

The single most potent factor answering systemic poverty, criminality, youth addictions and suicide, is for children to be born and raised in continuing, settled, loving and just families.

Yet we are reluctant to address these matters and acknowledge their significance. There is great individual blessing and social benefit in keeping marriage vows, persisting with education and employment, restraining wants, rejecting consumerism and superficial busyness and living thankful lives in a rhythm of work and rest with a clear under-standing of our God given dignity.

We need to think and to speak more of these truths in our high revving busy culture, and attend more to rebuilding and restoring the right model of marriage and relation-ships rather than flirting with variant forms. In this series, we shall offer the rich possibilities of Bible truth and experience and tap into the gold. Rev Ian Clarkson